Recent News. March 8th & 10th. 2014

Once again a bit late in getting this out but I've been away. On the 8th Justin Wonderlick and Tim started the day off with a 26m flight off the winch but all the other flights were the usual sled rides until Jim Finer showed up with JTA. Dennis Green and Glyn Jackson took a 2000ft tow and obviously to a good spot for they did an hour and twenty before landing. On Monday, JTA was there all day and some good flights were made. Tim in the Discus away for 3hrs 31m, Glyn in the Ventus for 2hrs 10m, Will in TE for 2hrs 40m and young Sam Tullett did another 50m in the family K7. His dad, John had to content himself with 25m. Most flights ranged out to the east. Tim out to Whangamomona again and over Matau. And back to the mountain. During one phase he spotted smoke coming from a pine plantation. Naturally enough where there is smoke there is fire and the blaze took a couple of fire crews and two helicopters the rest of the afternoon and much of the night to put out. Less dramatic but equally venturesome (or Ventus-some!), was Glyn's flight out towards the back of Tikorangi and in sight of the North Taranaki Bight. Clinton Steele, having launched from Norolk went a bit further than that. Not sure where Will went but I think it involved soaring near the mountain. Sam in DN was strictly local but found all the lift needed to stay airborne. We are the recipients of a computer and enough gear from Powerco to set up a webcam at the airfield which will be of help in deciding what is happening weatherwise around the field.  Many thanks to Powerco and to Justin in facilitating this. The Taranaki Daily News carried a front-page photo of a beaming Tim with the Twin Astir in the background. As well as this article, reference was made in a pine plantation fire story about it being spotted by a glider pilot. A very public spirited lot we are.

               Below: looking out to the North Taranaki Bight.
Looking north to the Bight(copy)
Fire spotting from a Discus
I understand the fire was started as the result of a chainsaw striking fence wire.
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