Cloud photos

                               Nikon 21

                               A lenticular cloud off Mt Egmont/Taranaki in a SW airflow.  Note the
                               layers of cloud.

               DSC 0367

               Approaching a wave.  Note how the clouds sweep down from the mountain and then
               appear to rise almost vertically.  Strong lift in front of this cloud took the gliders to
               15000ft asl.


                        Looking back at the same cloud from the north.  The mountain height
                        is 8260 feet.  The glider was at least 12000 feet.                                          

                       14-11-10 013

                       Another day.  Cap cloud on the mountain.  Fragments of rotor cloud
                       to the left.  Note the mountain effect on the cloud cover - clear air in
                       the lee of the mountain.
                      Heading east(copy)

                                      Heading towards a cumulus cloud marking a thermal.

                           Seabreeze line

                           Mid-morning sea breeze front.  Would later move south and combine
                           with one from the South Taranaki coast.

                   A small intense thermal in hot dry conditions at Matamata.  I had a similar occurrence 
                   whilst haymaking when, suddenly there was a whirling column of dry grass that sub-
                   sided as quickly as it began.

                   March 6th

                   Air heated on the lee slope of a mountain rises, breaking through the inversion.
                   In this case the condensation level is about 7000ft

                          Running the front 
                          Running a sea breeze front.  Good lift often found out to one side of the cloud
                          and above the base of the cloud. 

                      Cloud 2(copy)

                      An intriguing cloud effect captured by Bruce Moss.  Unsure of the airflow, but it may
                      have been from the north.


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