Here are some cartoons that enlivened our newsletters from time to time.  A whimsical look at what we did, or what happened to us.

Scroll down and enjoy!

Dr. James Walker is in practise as a chiropractor and also is our New Plymouth contact for trial flight voucher sales.  Here is a view on how his waiting room might look!!

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We have tried launching a glider by towing it with a car.  What could possibly go wrongCartoon (2).jpg
Next in our series of how to launch our gliders relates to one of our members being interested in launching small rockets.  Naturally his skill might be useful to us ........

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Infrequent but inconclusive discussions on replacing our 260hp Pawnee with lighter and/or cheaper aircraft.  That none of the alternatives come within a bull's roar of being better than RWS is reason enough why we happily and safely, continue to use it.  Its probably the best tow-plane in New Zealand.  Pure horsepower up front is hard to beat.  Thus, double towing, Taranaki style.

Gliding Cartoon.jpg

Raffle tickets were a prime means of fundraising for many years.  One of our members was a paramedic involved in a few rescues and we thought he should have his priorities right!


Our Standard Astir, ZK-GNG was being towed to Auckland for some mods but the trailer came adrift on the way north.  Emergency repairs done, the towing party continued north.

With the sale of the Auster towplane, ZK-BDW to Brett Emeny, a commercial helicopter pilot, a little extra use of the new asset would be a good idea.


The Fergie tractor caught fire whilst it was being refuelled.  Anything can be turned to good advantage!

At the intersection of S.H. 3 and Alfred Road we had an excellent roadside sign featuring our Blanik in flight.  Bob Struthers had the idea and John Tullett was the artist.  This is how club members thought the sign was painted.  Mirk Smith the cartoonist.
Matthew Connor went with Ian Hayton in Ian's Citabria ZK-CRT way up north, landing on Paihia airfield which proved to be a bit wet.  A bit like home really.

Though German Hill was a good soaring site and some excellent wave flights were made from there, the weather at times was at best, rather rugged.

The airfield when wet didn't help short landings, thus an alternative braking method ...........


Instructors are expected to impart to their pupils a sense of confidence.
John Spence (Jay Ess) was an interested observer at all times.
Any gliding club will inevitably have to deal with a wide range of students.
But the emphasis is always on safe soaring.

As pilots we learn to do our checks at various phases of the flight, but sometimes one has senior moment.
Every now and then another batch of instructors commence training.  Mike Gibson was putting Dave Hewson and Peter Miller through their paces.
December 2010
When one of us arrived at the airfield with his farm dogs on the back of his truck, another (also a farmer) dryly observed "his wife probably thinks he is out on the farm mustering and nowhere near the airfield!"  In his defence I must point out that he had been mustering and had diverted 30km "just to see how things were going with the flying."

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