Glider Trial Flights and Youth Glide

Trial Flights are an ideal way to sample gliding and find out something of what it is about.

There is a full pre-flight briefing and how things "are done".  The emphasis being having a safe flight.
On all flights you are accompanied by a currently rated and suitably experienced instructor. During your trial flight you will be encouraged to try the controls, prompted by your instructor.  There will be no aerobatics.  The rationale of a trial flight is to  fly the glider, to feel the effect of the controls on the glider's flight, to endeavour to feel the effect of the air as it pushes against the glider.  Much more subtle than many might think.

                           James Walker & WZ

The trial flight that we offer is an aero tow to 2000ft above the ground at Stratford.  The flight will last about 15 minutes but there are no guarantees in gliding!  The Trial Flight will cost $170 and makes a superb gift.  The recipient becomes a temporary member of our club and is entitled to three months such membership and further flying at club rates.

Optimal conditions for a trial flight are:- a sunny day, scattered cloud and not too windy. It’s always best to wait for a good day. Taranaki weather is often changeable (at best!). Stay in touch by phone or come onto our email loop. Bring friends or family and a camera to record your first flight.

Gift Vouchers are available:

Flying days vary, so we encourage you to contact us for more information.


Gliding New Zealand and its constituent clubs are committed to providing soaring opportunities for young people.  Ages from 14 to 18.

This is an ideal way for you to experience the opportunity of flight within a subsidised environment.

You will only pay for your log-book and launch fees (winch or aero-tow) and insurance excess levy.  Club membership subscription, glider flying fees, GNZ affiliation & magazine fees are not payable.

Click here for Youth Glide.
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