Recent News, March 2nd 2013

Recent News
March 2nd 2013

I had rather hoped to be relating the story of two days but with not enough certainty about day two meant that we missed out.

Today got underway with three circuits for Kevin Koch, coming to grips with vectors with less slope than he is used to at Norfolk Airfield.  Dennis Green towed slightly higher and got slightly longer flights.  Late arrival Peter Miller towed twice as high and got a good 37m whilst Peter Cook sat in the back and ate his lunch.  Les Sharp did the first five launches and Jim McKay did the last one.  Air conditions were warm and sluggish with high cloud cutting off the sun to some extent.

The previous evening saw members and partners congregating at John & Judy Tullett’s place for a pleasant time of talk, wining and dining.  My apologies to Clinton Steele for not forwarding him the invitation – hitting the send button and not ensuring all were included was much too careless of me.

On Monday 4th at 7pm, there is by CAA, a presentation on Situational Awareness at the NP Aero-club.

Finally, but nicely, welcome to Kevin Koch who has joined as a flying member.  He is a busy man at the moment, stitching together flying and some work as well as rehearsals for a Cue Theatre three act play in late April.

                                  An early fall of snow on February 9th.  Nearly all gone now.
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