Eurofox operational results and information.

Eurofox operational results to date.
TGC towing GPK(2up)-148

The above shows the profile of towing the Piako PW6 two up at Matamata in late November 2015.

The tow height was 2050 feet with a climb rate of 551 feet p/m.

The time was 6.6 minutes ground to ground time for the tug.

Fuel consumption was 2.83L.

ZK-TGC towing summary-102

As at 30-June-2015 ZK-TGC has now completed 55 tows logged with a igc flight logger.

The results thus far are sumarised in the table.

Interestingly the data sugets that each of our tow pilots is on a learning curve, and that the climb rate under tow shows a increasing trend as our tow pilots build experience and our collective learing and technique converges on the best practices.
ZK-TGC towing ZK-GTE-830

Of course there are variables between days so on some days the towplane may be struggling up through patches of robust sink much to the dismay of the glider pilot though he/she will only be paying for height achieved,

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