April 4th 2011

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April 4th 2011

Well, well, goodness gracious me.  What a day we had yesterday.  We hosted members of 48 Squadron, Stratford ATC and the activity of course was gliding.  By the time we finished we’d done 25 flights with the indefatigable Jim McKay at the controls of RWS for all of them.  All but one were towing the two seaters into the air and Glyn Jackson in the PW5 accounting for the one.  He got 48 minutes by the way.

The original intention was to have used the winch and the Twin Astir and DN available for any aerotows.  The weather on the day was miles better than forecast but a moderate but freshening northerly precluded winching because the wire would have been drifting across towards the clubhouse car park.  Several cadets had an extra flight and one was treated to a loop and a chandelle or two.  Came back with a grin from ear to ear.  There was thermal & some wave lift around which helped.

The cadets all pitched in with the ground handling of the gliders and acted as wing runners and signallers.  There was one “cadet” a bit older than the others. She was Millie Becketts and about 80+ years young.  Our two new members each had a flight and both enjoyed their time aloft.  A big welcome to Josue Hernandez-Mago and to Allan Brady.  Josue hails from Venezuela and Allan has had  blue water sailing experience.  We hope you will heaps of fun as you progress through to being soaring pilots.  In addition, four of the cadets have indicated they want to learn fly gliders too.
The instructors may well find themselves rather busy.

There was flying on Saturday too with eight flights.  Josue had a couple of aerotows and a winch launch.  Peter Cook towed to a vast height but apparently did not connect with much viable lift.  Should have been here a bit earlier yesterday Peter.

Stats:  2/4                WZ                    1hr  11m                7
                                  TE                             15m                1
                                  RWS                         31m                 5
                                 Winch                                                 4 launches

            3/4               WZ                     4hrs 21m                15
                                 DN                      2hrs 40m                9
                                 TE                               48m                1
                                 RWS                    1hr  52m                25

The timesheet for Saturday was a bit hard to work out with inadequate recording.
All in all a good weekend.  Thanks to Julie Woods, the CO of 48 Squadron and Amy Luckhurst who kept everyone busy and on time.   To Jim McKay who worked hard all day Sunday, the instructors Tim Hardwick-Smith, John Tullett and Peter Williams.   Glyn Jackson for being everywhere.  And lastly to John McFadgen for towing on Saturday.

Next weekend should be good.  SW airflow forecast.

Club members are reminded that it is cash/cheque on the day for flying fees.  Some now do internet banking.  Please be prompt with this.  The TSB account number is:-

Please put your name and type of payment – usually its flying fees.

I've yet to locate a photo for the day.   Can someone please help?


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