Recent News, January 11th. 2014

Recent News. January 11th. 2014

Some good news to start things off – Sam Tullett was sent solo at Matamata by John Bayliss having demonstrated to John that he could handle the Auckland Gliding Club’s ASK 21.  The flight the previous day on the ridge might have had something to do with it too.  Glyn Jackson meanwhile had been turning in some creditable performances in his Ventus, going straighter and for longer every day.  See Sam with John (below).
On Friday the 10th, a special Sam Tullett winching day was organised and after several flights Sam was sent off in WZ by himself and repeated the process just to show everyone that he could.  During the flying that day, Tim got away in the Discus for nearly two hours and covered a goodly distance taking in Purangi, Mangamingi and environs along the way.
Saturday the 11th saw a busy day, with a full page of flights, 20 in all.  Continuing his progress, Sam converted to the PW5, had a couple of flights in it and says its just great.  Some competition for Will for access to flying rights in it now!  His father John took time off from winch driving and had a launch in the family K7 just because he could.  Will Hopkirk wangled 38 minutes in WZ with not a little help from the power station thermal.  Carolyn Copeland renewed her association with gliding after a long absence after solo-ing at Jury Hill.  Tyler MacLeod will be back for more lessons.  He enjoyed his Trial Flight.  Peter Williams took a solo flight in WZ and it’s the first time he has flown that glider solo.  All other flights being with students, or Trial Flighters.  Fancy that! Glyn tells me that Melissa Jenkins has been carving out some good distances at Omarama and is well placed on the OLC list i.e. ahead of our other tyros.
John Bayliss congratulates Sam Tullett on his first solo at Matamata(copy)

Well done Sam and everyone else.  A period of good activity.

Papa Mike.

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