January 2nd. 2011

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January 2nd. 2011

No-one else showed up for flying on Dec. 30th so Tim in the Discus and Peter Cook with his Libelle both took to the sky with plans for some constructive flying which were quickly modified to local flying between Eltham and the Pouakai ranges with each away for a couple of hours.

The new year has started off in good fashion today January 2nd, with every flight a soaring flight, a PW5 conversion for Glyn Jackson.  Tim conducted my annual flight review. A family of four, each having soaring flights that got better as the day went on. Their first flight was in a rather rough thermal but subsequent flights found wave out over Toko and back near the mountain that was associated with a rotor/convergence line that remained there after the last aircraft landed at 1847hrs. Glyn had three flights in the PW5. He was away for 2hrs 27m on his last flight and topped out at 5800ft in gentle wave in the vicinity of the quarry. Way to go Glyn!!

We were privileged also, to have a visit from Robin Britton, one of the leading pilots of the Piako club, down this way as part of a Morris Eight rally. She needed no persuasion at all to have a flight in the Twin and she & Tim were soon happily ensconced in the wave with Glyn. She came back absolutely thrilled with the flight and for our part we were thrilled to be able to entertain her. Piako have been very good to us over many years now and its good to be able to repay some of the hospitality.

                Stats:                 Aircraft               Time                        Flights

                       30/12         1A                      2hrs 04m                 (1)
                                           XC                      2hrs                          (1)
                                           RWS                           11m                 (2)

                         2/1           WZ                      5hrs 04m                 (6)
                                          TE                       4hrs 05m                  (3)
                                          RWS                   1hr.                            (9)

Jan 2nd  2011 photos. 306.jpg
Robin Britton & Tim getting ready.

Jan 2nd  2011 photos. 299.jpg
Hooking on.

Jan 2nd  2011 photos. 313.jpg

The Morris Eight & proud owner.

Jan 2nd  2011 photos. 316.jpg

Going home.

Jan 2nd  2011 photos. 299.jpg

Tim attaches the rope as Glyn prepares for his conversion flight in the PW5.
Jim McKay is ready with our Pawnee tow-plane, RWS.

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