Recent News, February 24th 2013

Recent News
February 24th 2013

The SE airflow was still a factor and the strong high pressure system maintained a low inversion.  Good dry air but the thermals were few and far between.  Kevin Koch back for a couple of quick circuits from the day’s 09 vector.  Thirty-five minutes for Sam Tullett and instructor Tim H-S so they must have found a thermal.  John Tullett in his K7 didn’t and was quickly back on the ground.  Another nineteen minutes for Viv Davy so maybe some lift for her and Tim.  Putting their theories to the test, Tim and Dennis Green towed to 6500ft over Fanthams Peak.  They wet this way and that but nothing was to be found.  Even the tussock was pointing downwards so back home they scurried.  Fifty-four minutes.  At least the view was good.  Seven flights for the day with the last one being for Sam Tullett.  Jim McKay at the controls of RWS.

A day at Te Wera is being mooted. With the current good weather likely to continue we might be in with a chance. 

Just to the east of the airfield, men and machines are busy laying a gasline which will extend to the Ahuroa storage well.  Good digging at the moment I would think.  We are not in the least mindful of the gas powered generation plants merrily humming away during the winter months.

 The Ahuroa gas facility nestled in the hills to the NE of Stratford Airfield.

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