May 3rd, 2009

Recent News

Nice to have my prediction of a flyable day backed up by people arriving at the field and doing some flying. Not so nice was that I wasn’t one of them.

Michael Joyce had a long awaited trial flight, treated to it by Les Sharp in the Twin.
Tim Hardwick-Smith got 95 minutes in the Discus having taken the precaution of a 4000ft tow. Sometimes its false economy to tow low though Les got away from 1500ft for his solo flight in WZ. Steve Barham, back from the UK did 47m minutes in TE and pinched all the thermals that Will Hopkirk thought he was going to use. Richard Arden & Peter Williams did 32 minutes in WZ by dint of two flights so as not to behind in the numbers game. Apparently there was some useful lift around earlier on. Best height was 4000ft. Obviously someone got back to their tow height.
David Drummond was on hand to do another circuit in RWS and some tows under the eagle gaze of Matthew Connor and so must be pretty close to having his tow rating validated.

The weather does not look at all flash for this weekend and maybe the following weekend. There will be the second in the series of QGP lectures on Thursday 14th at Richard & Raewyn Arden’s home. The subject unknown to me at this stage. Supper is likely to be freshly baked scones with cream and jam to appetite. All welcome, not to mention the freshly baked scones with cream and jam. The first evening was most successful and well received by all.

Stats:                   Aircraft               Time             Flights
                            WZ                      1hr 51m         (4)
                            TE                       1hr 03m          (2)
                            XC                      1hr 35m          (1)
                            RWS                   1hr 06m          (8)

Peter Miller
Club Captain
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