February 14th. 2011

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February 14th. 2011

Seems a while now since we’ve had any decent flying on club days but we had a reasonable day on Sunday, i.e. – we did have a club flying day. However, this had been preceded by a couple of weekday efforts that were notable for various reasons.
One such day was when Tim in the Discus and Glyn in the PW5 took high tows onto the mountain and had a grand old time. Tim flew around the mountain three times and a movie sequence may yet find its way onto our website. The second day was when Steve Barham and his newly acquired Nimbus 2 glider took to the air. Steve with Tim in the Discus and Will in the PW5 all took high tows though not gaining much advantage from so doing. Will now wants clip-on extensions for the PW5, a 6000ft tow not quite doing the trick that day.

And so, to Sunday the 13th. Rather difficult conditions with a light northerly, broken cloud with bases about 2500ft above the ground. Gene Campbell had a farewell flight in the Twin Astir, lasting nearly an hour. Gene, Deryn and family returned to the USA on Tuesday but he promises to be back. All the best to you and your family, Gene. Tim later did three hours in the Discus but he had to really work hard to stay aloft. John Tullett in his K7 found the wind higher up was a bit too strong to make headway in his glider. Andre van der Elst enjoyed two good, but short flights in the PW5 and Steve had a couple of flights in the Nimbus to further his appreciation of the machine. It looks as though things will be good on Saturday with good air on the way.

Stats:                           Aircraft                     Time                       Flights
                                     WZ                            2hrs.53m                  6
                                     TE                             3hrs.42m                  4
                                     XC                             7hrs.41m                  3
                                    DN                             1hr.  17m                  2
                                    KV                             1hr.  16m                  3
                                    RWS                          2hrs.11m                18

And, a couple of photos:

                            14-1-11 017.  Round the back of Egmont..jpg

                              Tim & the Discus, around on the west side of Mt Egmont.

                          nimbus KV.jpg

Rigged and ready to go! Steve Barham’s Nimbus 2 glider at Stratford.


The above glider has a glide ratio of 48:1.  This means it can glide from a height of 1000 metres, a distance of 48 kilometres.  Steve purchased the Nimbus from Mike Oakley of the Canterbury Gliding Club.  It has its own personal lucky rabbit which has been higher and further than most of its fellows.

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