Recent News. December 21st 2013

Today was going to be a bit of an effort for everyone but went off very well.  A trial flight group briefed, flown and instructed all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  So much so that the man organising his group, informed me that he wants to learn to learn to fly gliders.  Accordingly, I’ve sent him the necessary info.   It might have helped that he’d had a 37 minute flight with Les Sharp which if nothing less, is a good demonstration of soaring flight and he had done a lot of the flying  It also helped that a convergence line moved over the field at that time.  Dennis Green and Tim proceeded to show how it is done by also getting away and stayed away for some 66 minutes.  Julie Woods and Les got 22 minutes and Glyn who’d wheeled out the PW5 wangled 39 minutes.  John Tullett toiled away at the winch driving and Julie Woods made sure the time sheet was in a clear and legible state for me to process.  Must not forget to mention, that Hrishikesh Pattabhiraman also had a flight, enjoyed it and wants to stay in contact in spite of the fact that he will be studying at Otago University.  We can call him Rishi which is a bit of a relief for the pedantic Europeans amongst us.
The next flying day is Saturday which also happens to have the best forecast indicated and this is the roster for 28/29 December -      Tullett/Sharp.

We have a couple of Trial flights intended for that day and one of the parties has had a fair bit of winching experience including one to 2500ft.  Oh, but we can hope!!


The Astir heading for the sky.

December 21st 2013(copy)

We are currently in a bit of a difficult patch without a tow-plane and our flying is suffering accordingly.  It has to be character building and our skill-set is expanding.  However the truisms that whenever a door closes, another opens and - the glass is only half-full still apply and I've just seen a cartoon depicting The Three Wise Men dispatching  drones with their their gifts attached, so it can't all be bad.

So-ooo  A Merry Christmas to one and all and a safe New Year.

Papa Mike.

Recent News. December 21st 2013
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