Recent News. August 17th 2014

August 17th 2014:This day was the first real soaring day I suppose, that is -for more than one glider. Les says it was not the day for getting away from a winch launch height as proved by one with a ventus'rsresome glider. The Discus provided flights of more than an hour for Tim and JohnT. A winch trial flight was converted into an aero-tow one with Les paying the difference. Rodrigo, just back from his native Spain, had a couple of flights and is coming to grips with the vagaries of aero-tows. Keep at it Rodrigo. Jim Finer took time off from towing and got onto the other end of the rope. Good one Jim. Ten flights for the day. Sam Tullett has just arrived back from America and immersion in the space program. He'll have to make do now with the PW5 and orbiting of a different kind. Two unique pictures with this edition. First: a photo of Pat Struthers receiving the Angus Rosebowl, posthumously awarded to Bob Struthers in 1993 for his work for NZ gliding.
Pat Struthers
TGC blown a fuse at Matamata

The original caption for the second photo was "No, they haven't blown a fuse, it is the Taranaki Gliding Club flying home!" Pilot: Angela Rowe. Crew: John Spence, Bob Struthers, Peter Miller, Ian Hayton, Allan Thatcher. Photo: James Turney.

Notice to TGC pilots: There is no roster in operation. Keep a lookout for a Thursday evening email for advice about weekend flying.  

Papa Mike.  
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