November 4th, 2011

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November 4th 2011

A bit late but perhaps we should have an update on what has happened over the last few days so as to bring people into a more informed state of mind.  Which they would already be in, had I been doing my job.

October 23rd saw a total of six flights with Julie Woods beginning her training in fine style with a circuit then a soaring flight of 38 minutes.  Makes me think wistfully of the days at Bell Block aerodrome where any flight of more than four or five minutes was an occasion for jubilation.  None of us really had any idea of what a thermal looked like. Later on I enjoyed a longish flight using lift from the large hangar there and the surrounding tarmac providing enough rising air to keep the Rhonlerche airborne.

John Tullett got forty-two minutes in his K7 – DN, Andre van der Elst had a short check flight in the Twin, Glyn Jackson an hour sixteen minutes in the PW5 and Tim Hardwick-Smith pirated DN  for seventy minutes, making good on his declaration to fly without radio or GPS.  Really slumming it!!  Jim McKay doing the towing – sooner or later he has got to get some gliding instead.

November 30th saw Brendan Pittwood do the obligatory circuit then follow up with an hour-long instructional soaring flight in the Twin – much different to the old days at Bell Block….................!!
Glyn Jackson had seventy-two minutes in the PW5, one was a short flight, the next longer having towed to 2000ft. He had also had a thirty minute check flight in the Twin.  John Tullett got fifty minutes in that and then Les Sharp, having towed all the others up, was himself towed up by Tim in the Aeroprat and nailed an hour in the Twin.  Apparently one or two convergence lines had formed up and though, not all that high, provided steady lift.

At the moment, Peter Cook is competing in the Central Plateau comps at Taupo.  He’s having fun apparently, being helped along by Peter Williams who is crewing for him.
Will Hopkirk has organised a visit to Stratford by the Manawatu Gliding Club.  Was going to be this weekend – 5th & 6th November but the weather has put paid to that, but maybe a bit later on.

Two of this year’s QGP lectures have now been held, the third set down for next week and maybe a gap until next year and resume the series.

So here we are, au fait with all that has happened and hoping for better weather to come.  Aircraft hours are going well.  The more launches we have, the better for our pilots and good for the club.  Figures below are for the last two flying days.

                Stats:                Aircraft                 Time                      Flights    

                                          WZ                        4hrs 38m                8
                                          TE                         2hrs 28m                3
                                          DN                        1hr   51m                2
                                          RWS                     1hr     7m              12
                                          JTA                                  8m                1

                              Brendan Pittwood

                        Brendan Pittwood and Tim Hardwick-Smith airborne.

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