November 3rd 2010

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November 3rd 2010

Two good and interesting days we’ve had. No tow-pilot available on Sunday so out came the winch and with a roar and a cloud of blue smoke, Tim and the Twin Astir were hurled sky-wards, straight into a good thermal and straight up to 5000ft. There were 12 winch launches for the day and Tim with Will Hopkirk got 44 minutes for the other good soaring flight. Good work all round.

Tuesday ‘s weather gave us a sky looking as good as it gets with a cloud base at 5000ft and the promise of more to come. A check flight for Glyn, then sent solo. The first club member to go solo in the Twin, he capped it all by thermaling to 5000ft and staying airborne for more than seventy minutes. Tim went for a quick sortie to Mangamingi in the Discus, came home then he & I went off in the Twin for a right good old ramble, getting to 6500ft near Fanthams Peak and covering 87km in a final glide before landing. Steve Barham took time off work, grabbed the PW5 and got established on the sea breeze front that Tim and I were using, got the airspace opened to 6500ft and enjoyed the respite from work. (He had been skiing the previous day!) Will and Glyn shared a flight in the Twin after we’d landed and Tim was away again in the Discus, going out over the Pouakai range this time. Will & Glyn found the front was moving more quickly north than before, so cut short their flight to come home, but very happy with their flight.

What a change from the dismal weather of recent times. The ground has dried out, the air is buoyant and the thermals abound. We are happy campers, we are!

Stats:               Aircraft               Time                Flights
        31/10      WZ                      2hrs 14m        (12)
          2/11      WZ                      3hrs 15m        (4)
                        TE                        1hr   15m        (1)
                        XC                        1hr   50m        (2)
                        RWS                             42m        (7)

Some photos of the action:

PA310077.  Winch launching the Twin..jpg

Tim Hardwick-Smith away on the first winch launch.

Oct & Nov pictures 023.  Glyn Jackson 1st solo.jpg
Glyn Jackson back after his 1st solo.

Oct & Nov pictures 029. Fanthams Peak.jpg
Approaching Fanthams Peak.

Oct & Nov pictures 041.  Will & Glyn.jpg
Will & Glyn
2-11-10 010.  Will & Glyn Nov.2nd.jpg
Tim got this one of Will & Glyn after a bit of a chase round a thermal.

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