Recent News. November 3rd 2013

Recent News
November 3rd 2013
Julie Woods reports -
Had a brief flight with a winch launch a couple of weeks previous to Sunday 3rd. enough to convince me I was definitely going to restart my gliding ‘career’.
Arrived at airfield about 10:45ish. Tim was there of course, Peter Williams to drive winch & a young glider pilot named Marc Toho visiting New Zealand from Switzerland & me.
He had first tow. Wasn’t good, 4 minutes.  Try again, 3 minutes, again, 4 minutes.  Ok Julie you have a go. Cloud was coming in from south, sou’-west. As we strapped up Tim observed that the hawks in the paddock were flapping wings hard so not looking good. How wrong can you be......?
Released from tow, Tim went hunting over a group of cut paddocks & ploughed fields. A thermal?... yeah.
Slowly worked up to about 3500ft. For the first time I had control in a rising thermal. Awesome. Sat around up there for a while, and then started to lose height. Power station, no, paddocks, no.
Tim turned & headed toward mountain & the black clouds coming in. Sniffed around & found some lift under them. I took control again & we headed to the mountain gaining height to 4000ft.
By this time I was starting to feel a bit guilty for leaving Marc on the ground after his two short flights. At the park boundary we turned back for airfield. I am still flying, 4000ft, 70 knots.  What a flight, (for me anyway).  We were losing a bit of height, but Tim used the air brakes to slow us down & lose height to the airfield. Awesome flying.  Came in to land after 63 minutes in the air, yes.......I am really chuffed with what I achieved that day.
Anyway.  Marc’s turn again. 3 minute flight then 2 minutes.  At that stage we gave up for the day. That’s the way gliding goes, isn’t it!
Thanks to Tim for organising a toilet in the hangar area of the airfield. Much better for us ladies, than trudging over to the aero club.
Good one Julie.  Now to get some of the other erudite pilots to describe their flying exploits.

With the Pawnee now u/s, we have a bit of a hiatus in our flying.  Looks like the Hawera aero Club Technam can help with the aerotows and there is a pressing need to get more instructors current in winch launching.  A matter of time, really, to get the winch thing organised.

Peter Cook had a good flight of 232km in one of the Central Plateau days and at the moment, Glyn Jackson and Tim Hardwick-Smith are down in Omarama, Glyn for a course and then the Southern Regionals and Tim to defend his status as last years Club Class winner.

Papa Mike.
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