October 16th. 2010

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October 16th. 2010

On sticking to the knitting

Sticking to the knitting would be a good description of that day’s activities. Several training flights in WZ, two in the PW5 and the Peter Cook’s Libelle had an outing.

I’m told that though cloud base was low (1800 to 2000ft) there were thermals, tight but quite strong and I see that Will Hopkirk got 28 minutes in TE, a glider ideally suited for those conditions. Way to go, Will!

Gene Campbell, Glyn Jackson and Iain Finer were all pounding the circuit gaining good experience.. Apparently there may be several conversions/solos to the Twin Astir about to happen and thus a longer queue for the PW5. That will be a Good Thing.

Ralph Gibson towing, JT and Tim taking turns at the instructing. It is difficult to avoid using initials or abbreviations when writing up club activities but most who read these reports should, by now, have cottoned on to who is who and what is what.

Stats:                   Aircraft                 Time                  Flights
                             WZ                       1hr  3m              (6)
                             TE                              47m              (2)
                             IA                              17m              (1)
                             RWS                          55m              (9)

A word on timekeeping. Quite good, but could be better. Especially in regard to RWS t/o and landing times. The important tow height record well done.

A striking picture of the mountain shadow, late on Saturday after- noon by Glyn Jackson.
Mountain shadow.jpg

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