Recent news. Feb. 26th 2012

Recent News
February 26th 2012

This day turned out better than expected. Or at least got a bit better as the day wore on.  No-one turned up for training but there were five trial flights flown and Andre van der Elst, having had a couple of check flights was turned loose in the PW5 for a twenty minute flight.  Tim, having landed after one hour fifty minutes in the Discus, relaunched again in the Discus armed with a logger attempting a Silver height gain.  Got to the required height during a three hour twenty-two minute flight but found, on landing, that the logger’s battery had gone flat.  Came back with a good photo of Fantham’s Peak. 

Glyn Jackson advises that he has completed the bird proofing of the hangar and has replaced a battery of the Twin Astir.  This last task may alleviate the transmission problems of the Twin’s radio.  Many thanks Glyn.  Avgas has moved up another five cents as from Feb. 29th.  Another ten cents and we will have to shift the tow price a bit. And maybe one of the trial flight prices.  On s more positive note, Clinton Steele flying out of Norfolk, topped out at 18000ft on Saturday in wave.  A bit rough for the first 5000ft but smoothed out as he climbed higher.  Could have gone higher I understand, but ATC put a limit on things.

Next weekend looks a bit doubtful but we shall see.

                        Feb 26th                                                                          
Tim got this picture whilst slope soaring the western face of the mountain on Sunday.  Look carefully and you can pick out the Syme hut – mid left behind the trailing edge of the Discus wing and lower mid-right, the ski-field buildings.

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