January 19th. 2011

January 19th. 2011.

But one day of good flying and that was on Friday 14th when Tim and Glyn both took high tows up onto Mount Egmont. Tim dashed here there and everywhere as well as going round the mountain three times during his flight of three hours forty minutes. Glyn, not to be outdone, was away for two and a half hours in the PW5. We should have flown on Saturday because Sunday was a bit too windy but however positive enough because John Frew was at the controls of RWS. Welcome back John.

14-1-11 002.  The Ahu Ahu Swamp.  Jan 14th 2011.jpg
Overhead the Ahu Ahu swamp.
14-1-11 017.  Round the back of Egmont..jpg
Coming round the back of the mountain.

Work has resumed on the hangar. The door frames are now in place. Once they are clad, the exterior wall cladding of the main hangar can be moved across to the wall of the new extension.
Jan 19th 2011 Hagar extn. doors..jpg

Both sets of door frames in place. The top frame’s track appears to be curved. Or am I seeing things.

Jan 19th 2011 Something new..jpg

Steve and Debra took a trip to Omarama and came back with Steve’s Christmas present to himself. Word has it that there is a Nimbus Two in the trailer. We await the unveiling.


Something new.

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