February 28th 2011

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February 28th 2011

A day that looked a bit better than it really was but that did not stop pilots from making flights ranging up to better than two hours (Glyn Jackson in TE and John Tullett in DN.  The Discus had a couple of flights of better than an hour.  One was by yours truly, my first flight in it for 12 months.  Good to be back.

We were pleased to meet Julie Woods from Stratford 48 ATC Squadron, scoping a winch day for her cadets.  Some of us will attend a couple of their weekly parades to talk about the forthcoming event and brief them on aspects of gliding.  Julie had a flight in WZ with Tim who vowed and declared he wouldn’t be on the field this weekend but somehow “forced” himself to fly in with JTA.  Jim McKay was to later enjoy a flight in it after we had finished for the evening.  Steve had a couple flights in his Nimbus 2.  A photo below and also one of Glyn & Tim, off for a jaunt in WZ.  Peter Williams had an hour in TE and landed totally restored after all the hustle & bustle of his daughter’s wedding last week.  The ceremony was held in Helen & Peter Cook’s garden and went off really well, Peter told me.

Members will reassured to learn that Rangi de Abaffy and his family escaped the worst of the Christchurch earthquake but were without power for a day or two.  They have no town supply water but Rangi has rigged up a supply using a couple of 200ltr drums and a small pump.  He brings back water from his brother’s place.

    Stats:                    Aircraft                 Time                   Flights
                                    WZ                    1hr  40m                  2
                                    TE                     2hrs 53m                  2
                                    DN                    2hrs 10m                  1
                                    KV                             54m                  2
                                    XC                     2hrs 16m                  2

                                    RWS                          52m                  9

                         Feb. 27th  2011. 006  Nimbus on 16..jpg
                            Steve about to touch down.

                        IMG_0152.  Discus.  27.2.2011.jpg

                       The Discus scratching over the Inglewood Golf Course

                       tgc 008.  Feb 27th.  2011.jpg

                      Peter Miller, just landed.
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