September 28th. 2008



Well, Sunday turned out OK after all. A lot of noise emanated from the Pik 30 but not enough it seems to achieve a good takeoff. So we all had a cup of tea. The wind eased back, some thermals happened and people enjoyed some good soaring. The best flight belonged to Tim Hardwick-Smith and Glyn Jackson in the Twin, getting away from a low point of 1000ft agl and staying away for an hour. Steve Barham and Rod Drew did likewise in the first flight of the day, also in the Twin, for a 50m flight. The best lift seemed to be on a line from the centre of Stratford through to Midhirst and the gliders gaining height flying straight and circling in the stronger bits.

Will Hopkirk and Peter Williams unerringly found the bits of air going down but to the delight of everyone, Richard Arden showed up and with Peter, showed how it was done. Tim had a good hour-long flight in the Discus so that the following flight with Glyn was really a piece of cake.

Congratulations to Graeme Prankerd who got well on his way to a Pawnee rating and to me for converting to the Discus. It goes very nicely thank-

Thanks to Matthew Connor for towing and Jim Finer for stepping into the breach with JTA after Matthew had hived off to NP Airport with RWS where it is to have a new windscreen fitted.

Tim treated Glyn to a circuit in JTA and then young Sam Tullett scored a flight back to Mangamingi leaving his father to do a road retrieve.

Aircraft Time Flights

WZ 2hrs 09m (3)
JB 0hrs 41m (3)
XC 1hr 11m (2)
GH 0hrs 20m (1)
RWS 1hr 11m (8)
JTA 0hrs 15m (1)
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