Recent News. May 25th 2013

Recent News

May 25th 2013

Members made use of an “ inside day” to get to work on tidying up the Twin Astir.  This involved removing the wings, washing them, cutting the existing polish on the wings, another wash, dried them and a wax polish and finally re-assembling the glider.

People were working on reducing the rudder stiffness.  (The push rods had been put in upside down).  The wonky radio was removed and the one from the Blanik is to be put in, in its place.  The interior carpet is to be replaced (I think), and cockpit pockets to be replaced.   The instrument panel covers repaired/repainted and the canopy edging to be tidied up.  As well the K7’s rudder was replaced, some work having been done on it. Good work all round I would think.

The towplane’s wings need a wash but awaits another day.

                              WZ working bee 25(copy)
Mitch Hopkirk working hard on a WZ wing so as to get a flight with his Dad in his favourite glider.
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