October 16th 2011

Recent News

A good reply to anyone who thought that this day might be a bit doubtful.  Five flights but all were good.  Neil Drought came down from Oakura for his trial flight and enjoyed seeing Taranaki from the lofty height of 5000ft.  Kent Weir, with a freshly minted CPL found out that you don’t need copious amounts of Avgas to get high and handsome.  He is contemplating getting a tow rating.  Peter Miller and Peter Williams battled stoically in light and fickle rotor conditions for just over the hour.  Peter Cook in his Libelle, likewise.  Tim Hardwick-Smith took the Discus up for an outing and found things more tranquil with gentle lift all over the place.  John Frew did the towing honours and everyone was happy.

                                                 Aircraft                     Time                       Flights

                                                 WZ                           2hrs 41m                3
                                                 IA                            1hr   10m                1
                                                 XC                            1hr     7m                1
                                                RWS                                  30m                5

Then, on Tuesday we held the AGM at the Clubrooms.  An enthusiastic group attending.  Reports spoke of a good year with several good flights, some into wave and using our oxygen gear.  The completion of the hangar which very soon had gliders in it.  Financially, we have weathered the storm but we need to be careful and prudent.

Officers elected were: -

                                       President                       John Tullett

                                       Vice-President                Steve Barham

                                       Secretary                        Peter Williams

                                       Treasurer                        Peter Miller

                                       Club Captain                    Glyn Jackson

                                       Chief Flying Instructor    Tim Hardwick-Smith

                                       Tug Master                      Jim McKay

                                       Committee                      Peter Cook, Will Hopkirk, Jim Finer,                 
                                                                               James Walker

                                       Awards             Normona Cup -             Tim Hardwick-Smith,

                                                                 Most Improved Pilot – Will Hopkirk

                                                                 Ranges Cup –               Tim Hardwick-Smith & John Tullett

Some good flights made during the year – several to 15000ft, or better, the better one
was made by John Tullett and Tim.  The Normona award to Tim was for flying
three times around the mountain without stopping.  Will’s award was for sundry adventures involving paddocks and getting to goodly heights when not in paddocks. 

A visit to Stratford by the Manawatu Gliding Club is expected in early
November which will be combined with an official opening of the new extension                              
to the hangar.

While I was writing the above on the morning of Friday the 21st an impressive wave cloud was there for all to see.  Got most of it in the photo below.

                              Nikon 21.10.2011 Friday wave.jpg

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