Recent news March 24.3.2013

Recent News
March 24th 2013

She’ll be coming round the mountain when she comes…..Yee Ha!!!

Yes indeed, that how it was last Thursday with Viv Davy and Tim Hardwick-Smith when they few around the mountain no less than five times, picking up a bit of height before attempting the next circuit.  The area of lift was the only show in tow   They, and Will Hopkirk had to have 6000ft tows to contact the lift out over the northern edge of the mountain.  Will Hopkirk was more circumspect in that, (pun intended if you so please) no circuits for him but soaring out over the Ahukawakawa Swamp before returning to Stratford and a meeting with a stock agent.

The weekend was a busy one with thirty-three flights for Stratford and New Plymouth ATC cadets.  All most expeditiously carried out and enjoyment all round.  Saturday afternoon was the turn for some good solo flying.  Just about everyone had two hour flights, up onto the mountain and then east-wards over Douglas and Strathmore.  Sam & Tim in WZ, Dennis Green & John Tullett in DN, Clinton Steele in GN, Peter Cook in IA,  Peter Miller and Tim Hardwick-Smith in WZ.  Not only that, but Steve Barham rigged his Nimbus, just back from Ross Gaddes’ tender ministrations.  The gliding rabbit will be pleased too!  Steve had a couple of flights late Sunday.

Welcome to Sam Tullett who has joined as a junior member.  Could be the start of more to come.

                               John Tullett explains the finer points of flying to an interested group of ATC
                               cadets on Saturday morning.

                                 Heading east(copy)

                                Peter Miller and Tim Hardwick-Smith head east after sojourn over the
                                Stratford Ski Field.

                                 Peter Cook overhead in Libelle IA(copy)
                           Peter Cook overhead.
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