Recent News. January 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th.

Not scoffing really, but a Clayton’s gliding camp last occurred this week.  The weather was too good to miss.
First off the rank on the 21st was the Tullett equipe with Sam getting 55m in TE off a 3000ft tow.  Then John got an hour and 33m off a 1000ft tow. Looks like a message there, though if you miss the lift at low height then its circuit time, children.
The 22nd saw Tim in the Discus getting 30 minutes off a 1300ft launch and then Steve Barham in the Twin got 18m from a 2400ft launch.  The above rule somewhat proven.  Glyn Jackson doing his first tows in JTA.
A better day on the 23rd.  Sam Tullett got two hours 19m from a 2200ft tow, Out over Mangamingi scratching away.  Well done Sam   Rodrigo De Arteaga and John Tullett got an hour and 9 minutes in WZ from a 2100ft tow.  Then Steve got the same time in WZ from a 2500ft tow. Tim was then off to Norfolk to give Clinton Steele a launch to 3000ft.  Either Clinton hasn’t heard of the above rule or the sky was a bit crook there.  In the event, he tells me, he got an hour thirty.
Thus encouraged, the weekend flying went ahead as hoped for.  Sam back in action with an hour 14m off a 2300ft tow and 56m from a 3000ft tow.  See rule #1.
Tim went away and hid for four hours & 5m from a 1500 launch.  Peter Williams away for two hours 20m in his K6E.  Well done there Peter.  Glyn away for three hours in his Ventus VV.  He told me that things weren’t all that easy.  Sent me some good pictures taken by a friend of his.
By now the Eurofox may have left Singapore.
Papa Mike.
Discus on tow
The Discus on tow. 24.1.15

The Foxbat flaring
The Foxbat on lift-off. 24.1.2015
GH readying for the launch
Peter Williams' K6E readying for t/o. 24.1.2015
Glyn & Ventus ready to roll
VV ready for launch. 24.1.2015
Sam Tullett in TE landing round-out
Sam Tullett & TE just before landing. 24.1.2015
Joining TE's thermal
Glyn & VV joining Sam's thermal. 24.1.2015. Sam is lower left

 These pictures do help the story of the day.  Thanks everyone.
Recent News. Jan. 21st, 22nd, 23rd & 24th.
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