Recent News. June 24th 2014

June 15th was different in that the Hawera Technam arrived with Les Sharp at the controls.  Les having gone through the hoops in type conversion over recent weeks, was turned loose on the TGC glider pilots. A bit like duck to water I think for there was no problem at all. The only thing missing was any thermal of any consequence for the aforesaid glider pilots to latch onto. Sled rides all round, the length of which relevant to the height towed to. Another thing missing at the moment is the winch which has gearbox trouble again. No advice yet as to its return. As a consolation perhaps, the QGP lectures have begun again interested parties are back at Stratford on Tuesday evenings for the words of wisdom. Tuesday 17th was for Tech Knowledge. Tuesday July 1st for the next one I think, which is Air Law. Some preparations have been made already for another winching event for the local ATC squadrons. Probably on or about September 13th/14th. There was also a working bee at the hangar, on June 15th. Included, a further attempt at bird proofing. I don't know if a 1200+ square metre sparrow shelter really qualifies for TET funding! Papa Mike.

Below: LJW getting ready to tow the PW5. LJW towing
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