Recent News. December 11th 2014

                                                         Recent News                                                                                                                                                                                    Its been over a month now since there has been any club flying and it's been a bit too long. The only activity here has been to give our Pawnee a good clean and an engine run. Four members have been down at Omarama. Will Hopkirk for a flying course, Tim Hardwick-Smith, Glyn Jackson and Melissa Jenkins for the Southern comps there. They like the rest of us were grieved at the recent deaths of Billy Walker and David Speight in Namibia. Glyn Jackson on his way to Mt Cook.  
Not to be outdone, the Tulletts, father and son, towed TE to Matamata where Sam had a couple of Duo Discus flights with Steve Care and John did a two hour flight in TE. The main news, if you like, is the completion and test flight of our Eurofox. It does look rather neat.
Glyn Jackson on his way to Mt Cook
GJ at Omarama
Our new towplane
Another view
Eurofox no
Eurofox airborne!
Eurofox no
There are new signs at the SH3 and Flint Road intersection and at the airfield entrance.  I have no photos at the moment.  Well, all we have to do now is wait until February next year for the new plane.  Should be on line about the middle of the month.

Papa Mike.
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