Recent News. November 8th 2014

Not much to talk about this time, only Steve Barham, Les Sharp and John Tullett arrived and set things up. One trial flighter had a winch launch and a wire break too but that was at 850ft so no worries. The wire had broken at a swage joint that was a repair for a wonky bit of wire. The parachute was retrieved from about three paddocks away,off the end of vector 16. Les then had a launch by himself and was straight into lift, climbing away for a few hundred feet and a flight time of 16 minutes. All that flying the previous week must have paid off. Though listening to Clinton Steele climbing through 5000ft over the Pouakai Range gave him a sense of scale. WZ now has a new radio. One that was in the Blanik JB. (Steve with Peter Williams got to work on the radio today, Sunday, removed a fuse or two and in doing so, eliminated an annoying squeal and improved the radio's performance.) Rodrigo arrived about the time everything had been packed away. Better luck next time Rodrigo.
Our contingent down south have now arrived at Omarama. Glyn Jackson and Tim Hardwick-Smith for Jerry ONeill's mountain flying course and Will Hopkirk for the Gavin Wills/Glide Omarama flying course. I believe that Glyn and Tim are then to enter the Southern Regionals. Good luck to them all.

Papa Mike.
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