Recent News, December 5th, 2012

Recent News
December 5th 2012

Well then, we’ve had a couple of flying days to go with during the vagaries of the weather thrown at us.  As I write this, it’s raining and the cloud is down on the ground.  Good for us farmers, stops us moaning.  Any more good news and we’ll have nothing to moan about and that would be an absolute travesty.  No good at all!

One of the consequences of WZ being out of the air and the absence of good flying weather is that people have gotten used to not coming down to the airfield.  There is, therefore, lost momentum to be regained and we will all have to work hard at that.

October 25th saw a bit of a hiatus as to who was going to turn up but Anirudh Tyagi was already on his way there.  Good move because he had good flights, 15m, 40m and 50m with Peter Cook still on fire from his Taupo flying.  For his penance, Anirudh was going to write about his flying but it should come in due course.  For the record though, they stooged between Toko and the Park edge, in weak to moderate lift from a convergence line from an air flow sweeping around the mountain.

Dec. 1st was a shortened day but Tim & John T. had a 50m flight at a time when getting away early & staying high was the best thing to do.  Will Hopkirk’s second flight was his best one.  With Glyn Jackson safely away in Europe, all the rest of the PW5 mob have untrammelled access.  Steve Barham had the last flight of the day with Tim in WZ though by then the day had stopped being of much use at all.

Now, a word about Tim.  He had a great time down in Omarama, took part in the Mountain Flying Course and followed that up by flying the Discus in the Club Class in the South Island Regionals.  He won three of the days and the class.  A first for the club too, for that matter.  Bob Struthers took part in several competitions.  The highest place he attained was fifth, I believe.  As I have some interest in what the Discus does, Tim presented me with one of the daily prizes, a bottle of wine.  I think I’ll put his name down for a few more competitions.  He comes back with a wealth of information and enhanced flying skills that will benefit our club enormously.

As a result of the damage to WZ last April, our monthly insurance premium has increased by 50%.   So-o-o-o, your committee mindful that some of this has to be recovered has decided that from December 1st the minute charge for gliders increases by 25%.  Thus, $1.25 per minute for the first hour and $0.62 for the second hour.  Bulk funding also increases to $750 p.a. So the second tranche of payment will be $375 or $75 owing by those who have already paid the $600.  Easier maths would see the second hour of glider charge be at .65c per minute but we’ll see how it goes. The Treasurer not at all averse to rounding upwards the amount owed.

A fine weekend to come.  Let’s make it a good one.

                                           Tim Hardwick-Smith, in a glider which he rather likes to fly.

                 WZ is back
                Nov. 8th.  Tim, Ralph & Les, well pleased with the day even though it was a bit scruffy.
                WZ was back and that mattered!

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