March 24th. 2011

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March 27th 2011

A couple of successful days just gone by and a most pleasant Pot Luck meal last night.

Firstly, Saturday 20th saw a bunch of trial flights with some extended times aloft.  So impressed were two of them that they decided to join right there and then.  So it’s a big welcome to Allan Brady and Josue Hernandez Mago.   Steve Barham did the best of the single seaters with just on the hour, Will Hopkirk just on fifty minutes while Glyn Jackson wrecked his average with just a ten minute flight.  Les Sharp found that the K7 simply does not have the glide angle of the Twin Astir and checked out a paddock near Midhirst, far too marginal to tow out of, so all hands to the retrieve.   John Tullett, meanwhile, merrily soaring above. 

Les explains –

The flight was quite good. I had been working fairly reliable lift under the clouds, generally managing to stay above 3000’ and had been southeast of the field by about 5 miles and then worked my way north of Midhurst. At one point I was about 2 miles south of the Rugby Rd underpass. Then the lift became elusive; a couple of turns under a cloud that wasn’t working, lost 500’, headed for Stratford dolphining in bits of lift but down to 2000’ around Midhurst, so picked a paddock that looked okay, did a right hand circuit to stay well clear of the transmission lines and landed.

Many thanks to those who helped with the retrieve.

Les Sharp

Glyn organised Thursday having studied the forecast weather.  The day did not look as though it was going to start early, so it was after 1.30pm before the first launch.  I’m told it was rather difficult low down but once established, it was not long before pilots were swanning around at more than 6000ft over the mountain and Pouakais.  While doing so, they were treated to plaintive cries from Glyn, in the PW5, near the airfield desperately trying to stay airborne.  Having finally landed, he wheeled out his microlight and chugged around getting some photos.  Nonetheless, two flights were over the hour – Glyn Jackson and Will Hopkirk whilst Steve Barham and Tim Hardwick-Smith did two hours or better in the Nimbus and Discus gliders.  A few years ago I would never have thought I’d be writing about those gliders here, in Taranaki and members of our club flying them. 

Last night saw a good muster of the club with wives and partners at Judy and John Tullett’s home for a lovely evening of food, wine and conversation.  A computer flight simulator was in frequent use with varying types of aircraft put through some hair raising antics. Many thanks for your hospitality, Judy and John.

Next Sunday, we will be using the winch and providing flights for members of 48 Squadron, Stratford ATC.  Whether some single seat flying happens in and around the ATC flying, remains to be seen. There may also be a winch day on Saturday to check out procedures and the system.  More info later.  Saturday might be a good opportunity for members to try some winch launches.

Stats:                     Aircraft                Time                     Flights
                               WZ                       5hrs 08m                 6
                               TE                        2hrs 40m                 4
                               DN                       1hr                            1
                               KV                       3hrs   3m                  2
                               XC                       2hrs 28m                  1
                               RWS                   1hr   31m                14


                            Landout 20Mar11.jpg
                                                DN landout And the sky still looks good!

                            Mountain slope.  24.3.11.  THS.jpg

                                       A look north along the  mountain-side from the Discus.

                           KV.  24.3.11.jpg
                                              The Nimbus easing along near the airfield.

There will be a working bee to shift the hangar cladding across to the new outside wall.  With sufficient funding now in place it looks like that we will be able to complete the concreting of the floor, maybe doing without the aprons front and back.
Many thanks to Steve Barham, our fund raiser par excellence. 

Peter Miller.

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