October 26th. 2010

October 26th 2010

The weekend weather didn’t turn out as well as we might have hoped but it was flyable and that’s been a lot better than some of the stuff dished out lately.

Saturday was Will Hopkirk’s day. Converted to the Twin Astir and completed three McFadgen circuits in it in fine style. Tim took the Discus out to Managamingi (and back), John Tullett reminded people that his DN can thermal as well as anything around and Ralph Gibson finished the day off with 36 minutes in WZ.

Monday was marginally better. Tim slaved away in the Discus for a couple of hours and Gene Campbell addressed himself to circuit training and then Peter Williams took him for a forty minute flight in WZ as a bonus and they learnt all sorts of informative things. A good cloud street moved over the field during the afternoon but people were packing things away when it arrived.

         Stats:                Aircraft               Time                            Fights
                                   WZ                      2hrs 27m                         (8)
                                   DN                       1hr     3m                         (1)                                                                             XC                       3hrs  43m                         (3)
                                  RWS                     1hr      2m                        (12)

Jim MacKay was towing both days and John McFadgen did half the tows on Monday.

John Tullett in K7.   23.10.2010.jpg
John & his K7 glider snappped by Tim who was below him at the time!

Peter Miller.

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