November 29th 2010

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November 29th 2010

Three flying days to report on. First was Tuesday the 23rd with only three flights. Two hours in the Discus for Tim with some good use of thermals all around and a couple of flights for Steve & me in the Twin with instructions from above to practice flying the Twin. So we did. The Tim and I had a tour of local airstrips useful for out-landings if needed. Got some photos.

Saturday was a Gene Campbell benefit day but the southerly was still on the fresh side. Trial flights for Kevin Honeyfield and his son and a solo for Steve. Six flights for the day.

Sunday was the day though. The Taranaki Daily News arrived to get a story and photos for an article to mark our 50th year. Les Sharp rolled up, a check flight and he was away in the PW5 and was quickly back having released too early. Claimed it was landing practice. Away again, released higher and had a much better flight. The PW5 had been away with Will Hopkirk at the Matamata at X-country course and John Tullett at an instructors course. Both very happy with their lot. The aircraft rigged and washed. Peter Cook rigged his Libelle and disappeared for three hours. Part of his flight took him from Dawson Falls on the mountain , out to Head Road near Kiore.  38km straight-line distance.  Tim took his farm worker, Trevor Pease away for an hour, a trial flight for Guy Lane, Steve & Peter Williams got up near the mountain until called home and Les & I got 70 minutes along the sea breeze front as it died. All in all, a good few days.

         Stats:                        Aircraft                   Time                       Flights
                                           WZ                          6hrs 24m               (14)
                                           TE                           1hr   35m               (3)
                                           XC                           2hrs 10m               (1)
                                           IA                           3hrs  05m              (1)

                                           RWS                       1hr    53m              (18)

001.  Sea breeze Nov. 28th. 2010.jpg

011.  Ahuroa Gas Facility.jpg
Top: Working the front. Bottom: The Ahuroa gas storage facility. Gas is pumped back into the ground for later use by the new Stratford power station.

Hangar extension.  29.11.2010.jpg
And, work has started this morning on the hangar extension. Good fine weather should help the job.

Hangar extension 005.  29.11.2010.jpg
A group conference.

Hangar extension 009.  Steve measures up..jpg
Steve Barham checks to see if his new glider might fit.

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