April 10th 2011

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April 10th 2011

Another milestone for the club yesterday, with the closing in of the hangar.  A working bee removed cladding from the hitherto exterior wall of the main hangar which is now an internal wall.  The iron was cut to length and affixed to the exterior of the new hangar extension.  The guttering was put in place, a drain for the novaflo pipe dug, the down pipes connected and the novaflo buried.  The side girts of the internal wall were knocked out & de-nailed.  So all is now ready for laying the concrete floor.  It was impressive to see how the work was done.  Nobody stood around watching but found a task and pitched in and the whole thing flowed well from start to finish. For the record, those working were, Tim Hardwick-Smith, Jim Finer, Will Hopkirk, John Tullett, Les Sharp, Peter Williams, Peter Cook and Peter 
                                                                                                                                                     About mid-afternoon, the towplane was wheeled out, as was the Twin Astir and five flights made.  One was for Brendan Pittwood who joined up right away, Jim Single found formating behind the towplane quite a challenge and Josue commenced his training in earnest with three flights.  Amy, one of last weekend’s ATC cadets, trudged across country to watch the afternoon’s flying.

 Stats:              Aircraft              Time                  Flights
                         WZ                     1hr 23m            5
                         RWS                         46m            5

                          Hangar closed in.jpg

                                                        Hangar closed in

                        JT & pupil.jpg
                                                         John Tullett & pupil

                           Take-off roll.jpg
                                                               Take-off roll

                               Les Sharp & RWS.  9.04.2011.jpg
                                                                   Les Sharp & RWS

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