March 12th. 2009

Recent News

I do have some flying to report on. Ten keen cadets from No. 8 (City of New Plymouth) Squadron ATC were at Stratford and enjoyed flying gliders as part of their annual flying program. There would have been twelve flown but for the fact that the lap strap of the tow plane broke during some turbulence on tow. Tow pilot Wayne Richmond had to steady himself with one hand and fly with the other. The belt (either repaired or renewed) is ready to refit in RWS. Stratford Aero Club were also busy providing flights for the cadets. I understand that Joanne Woofindin and everyone else were happy with the day. Apparently there was good lift around with cloud streets out from the mountain.

We have new batteries fitted into the Twin. Let’s hope that stops the fragmented transmissions that have been occurring lately.

Stats: Aircraft Time Flights
JB 1hr 04m (3)
WZ 1hr 41m (7)
RWS 59m (10)

Peter Miller
Club Captain

Sorry, but no photo is yet available of Sunday’s event but people would have had this sort of view. The Golf course and Racecourse with Stratford in the background.

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