Recent News, May 20th 2012

Recent News
May 20th 2012

A quiet day with just five flights, one was a training flight for Trevor Pease.

Four solo soaring flights for the K7, the Libelle and the Discus had two of them.  The last flight was one hour thirty-eight minutes out near the mountain and Tim got the best height of the day there, 4700ft.  Actually it was all rather hard work.  John tried exploring with the K7 but ran out of height before reaching any objectives of any use whatsoever.  Peter Cook announced intentions of heading for the mountain but pretty soon after announced downwind for 16.  At least he was correct about the second call!

In the morning, several aircraft were busy taking members of NP and Stratford ATC squadrons for 15m flights.  All very well carried out.  Pity they didn’t prolong the activity and find some decent thermals for us.

                Aircraft             Time            Flights
                DN                    1hr               2
                XC                     2hrs 45m    2
                IA                              49m    1
                RWS                          30m    5  

May 19th

                                    Mountain and roll cloud.
                       Wind more from the west on the day.
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