Recent News. October 8th 2014

Recent News
October 8th
There has not been much to write about for some time now hence no Recent News items.  So the other day, I thought I'd describe one of our flying days at German Hill when there were several good wave flights and it was described as Ten to Ten Thousand, resulting from several good wave flights in the two-seaters. Alas, I can find no reference to it in the archives so maybe it didn't happen. But there were good flights on the 13th of November 1988 with more than 15 hours logged from 10 launches. At that time the aircraft altimeters were set zero at ground level (QFE) which at German Hill was about 1000ft above sea level. Nowadays we set the altimeters at 950 feet (QNH) which is the height above sea level at Stratford. So it was perhaps by using the QFE figure that I arrived at the ten to ten heading. Any rate, it was a glorious day. Chris Griffin in the Rhonlerche and then with Rangi de Abaffy in the Blanik Tiki Touring for four hours. They don't make them like that any more, well, not very often anyway. Currently the Spring Equinox is raging and gales left right and centre. Some rain mixed in as well. It seems that things may relent a bit for Sunday and Glyn is getting the sea-weed lined up for us. In fact the Eurofox is there from mid-day. As far as I know, the Eurofox is still being built for us and soon we should be getting a picture of the work in progress. Hitherto, any pictures of a series of bins full of bits and pieces wouldn't really cut it, no matter how hard we looked. For many years we published a monthly newsletter detailing the roster for the month ahead plus club news and stories of members exploits, here and abroad. Some time back I introduced the recent news concept whereby I gave an account of the weekend's activity so as to keep right up to date. This was modelled on the Warmair newsletter put out each week by the Auckland Aviation Sports Club. That one includes a three-month roster (struck off after each weekend) and accounts from the instructors and towpilots for every Saturday and Sunday. Each providing their own take for the day's events, whether anything happened or didn't happen. Les is good at helping out when and where he can. One of the features of the newsletter which I liked doing was the 25 Years Back item which referred to events 25 years ago. Since we have been going for 54 years now there is a fair bit of history encompassed. Another feature were the cartoons, some done by members, some by my daughter and others pirated from newspapers or journals of one kind or another. I liked the Ding Duck series enlivened by the new instructor, an ex-kamikaze pilot Mr Kazimoto. I never got a cease and desist letter from grumpy legal firms. Nowadays, instead of a mail-out to thirty or so members, all I have to do is post it on the website and send out a link to the item.This goes out to more than 100 people here and abroad. Not all that simple though, for it takes quite a bit of editing to get the posting to sit well on the page and that is for a relatively plain display. I've had very good help from the website people to fix things from time to time. The website contains quite a bit of club history and there is more to go on yet. A matter of time really and no pun intended! Also there is the link to the facebook page with contributions from all over. On that page there is a clip of the Coast Run which Steve Wallace seems to have made his own. Straight-out heroic stuff I reckon. Next time here's hoping for some real flying news.

 Papa Mike.
Anna & Primary in flight
Photo of Anna Klauser strapped onto a Primary glider, away from a winch launch. The photo taken a couple of years ago. She is now training for an instructor rating. Probably in a K23.
25Years Back
John Tullett got a passenger rating. Allegations that his home brew facilitated the award. Not true.  Also that he didn't know to reduce speed and turn on encountering rising air. If true then, not true now.  A wheel-up landing for the Astir. The $2 tickets in a car raffle selling like hot cakes. Stalls in Centre City, the Devon Mall, outside the main Post Office and the Hawera Mall. New trailing edge fitted on the Rhonlerche. Painting the repair to happen. Excellent flying during September and good utilisation of the Astir and Blanik. Hour-long flights for solo pilots. John Schicker got two hours in his Skylark 2 BM.
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