Recent News, November 12th 2012

Recent News
November 12th 2012

Good news all round with the return of WZ after an absence of some five months.  We’ve really missed it and I’m happy to report that during the flight that Peter Cook and I had in it yesterday afternoon, it thermalled just as well as ever.  The gear-up warning works very well too.  One only has to touch the air brake handle and the warning noise sounds.  A very big thank-you to John Tullett who made his K7 available at no cost for the time we were without our Twin.

We flew on Thursday, Nov. 8th and as we shook and shivered on the field, we began to wonder why.  Nonetheless, Les Sharp had two good thirty minute flights.  Saturday the 10th was much better.  Stratford was in a NW convergence zone in the lee of the mountain. A moderate SW breeze there
 and some good thermal activity.  Lane Johnson, an amiable Virginian, tried his hand at flying
with no engine.  With extensive GA (general aviation) experience this was something new and he enjoyed it.  A one hour flight with Peter Williams should be proof enough I think.  A trial flight for Christopher Oliver and at an hour should have been good value for him.  Will Hopkirk had two 40min flights in TE which is not long back from the Central Plateau competition where Glyn Jackson did quite well for first time up.  Peter Cook did well there too, though started later in the competition.  That helped during our flight yesterday. We had 80min and got to about 5000ft. The York Road Quarry
once again showing itself to be a good thermal area.  See below.

                        York Road Quarry

                         York Road Quarry close-up
                                                              Quarry close-up.

This feature often produces useful thermals.  Both photos show several different features that contribute to thermal production.

                            1. The large area of bush that is part of the Egmont National Park.

                            2. The open area of grassland, shingle area and buildings.

                            3. Small patches of bush adjacent the quarry.

All of these differing features combine to create a good thermal spot and the Park bush would act as a steady heat resource later in the day.


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