Recent News, January 6th 2013

Recent News
January 6th 2013

A bit of long range organisation saw flying happening at Stratford on Sunday.  I gather that Taranaki was hot and dry with a bit of wind for good measure.  My silage was cut during the evening and will be baled and wrapped and stacked on Monday.  All at the tap of a cell phone key!!

Enough of that, back to the flying.  Six flights I’m told.  Two each for new members Viv and Justin.  One each for Les Sharp and Sam Tullett.  Not a great deal of lift apparently but the day did happen and that’s important.

JohnT said how good it was to see John McFadgean back in action.  Welcome back on line John.  Hopefully Ralph Gibson is recovered and he too resumes his position as a relief/mid-week tow pilot.


What happens with a narrow, damp airstrip, a cross-wind and an aircraft not tolerating these things.  Chris Griffin acting as the sheet anchor.  (Many years ago)

                                                                        Sailing in the Sounds

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