Recent News, December 18th

Recent News
December 18th 2012

Three days to talk about this time.  Four flights on Dec. 9th .  Just over two hours for John Tullett in his redoubtable K7 and one and a half hours for Will Hopkirk in the PW5.  A trial flight for Sam Hagmann and a brief foray in WZ, for Peter Miller with instructor Peter Cook to round the day off.  John had the misfortune to graunch a finger on one of the hangar doors.  The wound expertly bandaged by Nicole Hagmann.  Our troubles did not end there for the glider trolleys were starting to fall to bits and we had to hijack a trio of model aircraft fliers to get WZ onto the K7 trolley.

Saturday, Dec. 15th was a vintage day.  Tim went all over the place in the Discus.  Away for four hours.  Clinton Steele flying out of Norfolk was at one point nearby over Strathmore. That left John to look after Melissa Jenkins (of London Gliding Club, UK) and her mother, Vivienne.  Fifty and seventy minutes for both flights.  Duty tow-pilot Les Sharp in the PW5 was provided with a tow by Jim Finer who just happened to call by with the Aeroprakt JTA.   Then Tim, who by this time had landed and prised out of the Discus took Corry for a flight lasting forty-three minutes.  Les, having landed by this time, did this tow.  So, nearly four hours for the Twin, nearly an hour for the PW5 and four hours for the Discus.  A good day as well, for Steve Barham who joined in the fun in the middle of all this with just under an hour in WZ.  Good to see him back laying waste to some thermals.

Sunday produced a different sort of day with a convergence line extending to the SE.  Glyn was away first in TE, towing out toward Dawson Falls followed by Peter Cook in WZ with Justin Wonderlick who had come along to sample gliding.  And sample he did, flying the convergence with Glyn.  Best heights about 5300 feet.  Soaring gliders is “Brilliant!” he said and promptly signed up.  Welcome Justin, it really is a wonderful world to explore.  Justin has previous PPL experience in the USA.  A trial flighter, Neil Hodges, a keen yachtsman was
also away for a flight.  Clinton Steele came along for a yarn and to chew the fat about things gliding. The day had died by the time Peter Cook and myself got away, but the flight still important for me, nonetheless.  Glyn produced an intriguing lot of photos taken by a camera fastened to the Pawnee’s port wing strut.  Good to see full use of a weekend flying weather. 

Sunday the 21st may be possible, the weather all around that date being a bit scruffy.

We welcome any enquiries about trial flights.  A good way of introducing people to gliding.



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