Recent News June 27th 2013

 Recent News
June 27th 2013
There has been a lot of no flying this month.  So much so, that the treasurer is wearing an uncharacteristic worried look.  However, help is at hand.  The weekend of the 29th and 30th June bid fair to be fine and Club Captain Glyn Jackson is seeking to have flying happen on both days.  Its not going to be the warmest weather that you will have known but there is a bit to be done, so that should warm things up a bit.
Nonetheless, a couple of working bees saw aircraft washed and polished.  If there was any sun they would gleam.  Maybe another day!  Peter Williams has toiled mightily to right the wrongs of the Twin Astir radio.  He took the new radio out of the Blanik, installed it in the Twin.  Didn’t work so he put the old one back in.  He explained to my uncomprehending ears how wireless looms and dynamic microphones influenced things as well as micro-switches et al.  Apparently he’s fixed things, so all is well.
Glyn has been in a bit of a tizz recently – or rather more of a bit of a tizz than usual - about the purchase and shipment of a Ventus 2 glider from America.  It was intriguing to follow its progress as the container vessel travelled via Singapore and then on to NZ.  Currently it is with Ross Gaddes at Sailplane Services having bits and pieces done to it.  One of the bits and pieces included the fitting of an Oudie personal navigation assistant device.  Ross and his team were in a considerable flap the other day because the unit had a broken screen.  No-one knew how it had happened – or owned up to having broken it.  Ross was gloomily contemplating providing a replacement when Glyn phoned to check over-all progress and cheerily informed him that he’d sent up one with a broken screen precisely to insure against untoward events. Glyn can expect an invoice for Panadol.
Tim and I went down to Wellington earlier this month to Gliding New Zealand’s AGM.  Good to catch up with various people and do a bit of net-working.  There were interesting presentations on Youth Glide, the role of a Treasurer, (and how hard they work, Amen to that) the retention of members with particular emphasis on providing a stimulating environment and a sense of progress for them to immerse themselves in.  That is a real challenge for this club too and we have to step up to the mark and act on considered ways to do this.  The AGM itself went through smoothly, finishing unusually early.  Only one minor hiccup with a club that had not attended to its administration and was lamenting being charged for a member who had left.  The Soaring NZ mag goes down to four issues per year.  Same total cost.
That brings me to our own administration.  I will soon be sending out accounts for our club membership, insurance excess fee, bulk flying fees and hangarage charges.  GNZ strikes the members register as at October 31st so we pay on that.  Nonetheless, if you want to fly solo with us, you need to be fully paid up, with current medical certificate and BFR.
Generally speaking, we don’t operate credit accounts for flying.  It creates extra work and I’m somewhat unenthusiastic about getting too involved with these.  What I do want as Treasurer is that flying fees get paid for and there is no “averaging” downwards.  This seems more often to happen with tow fees.  Generally speaking, the daily flying sheets are well written up and that helps a lot.
So, let’s hope that this season finishes with a good day or two of flying and that we make the most of the flying season to come.  Important therefore, to be ready to go for tasks or badge flights on the really good days but also if it is possible to fly, then we should, even if it means waiting on the day, for weather to clear.
Date               Tow pilot                Instructor               Instructor                 Duty Pilot
June 29          Gibson                   Hdw-Smith              Jackson
        30           Sharp                    Hdw-Smith
July    6
Aug.  4
  As soon as I have an complete instructors roster and, hopefully, a tow pilot’s list as well, I’ll print it.


Westerly wave on February 13th this year.  Cap cloud on the mountain.  Rotor cloud lower mid-left topped by wave cloud and high level wave at the top of the photo.  Note how this cloud leans forward over the mountain with a yet higher wave cloud above.

The QGP season began on Tuesday evening (25th) with aspects of airmanship and navigation being the subject.  Glyn & Will took four students through the subject and they all passed the exam. Well done   everyone.   I’m not sure when the next one is to be held but El Capitano Glyn will keep us all posted,     I’m sure.   At the moment we hd ave seven people learning to fly.  The club is at once, delighted and challenged.  What a good way to be!!
     Airfield Nov 
A view of the airfield November 2010.  The golf course to the right of the photo provides useful thermals and is a good example of differing surface features acting as trigger points for thermals.


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