Recent News April 7th 2013

Recent News
April 7th 2013

One would have expected that with all the days available over Easter that there would have been some flying by us at Stratford but Taranaki had some scruffy weather all to its self and nothing happened.  Whether there were any good bits I don’t know because I was down at Blenheim where the 2013 Classic Fighters event was on.  And well rewarded I was too, seeing and hearing the FW 190 as it went through its paces.  Intriguing to see it in line astern of a couple of Spitfires which seemed not to be at all worried about their chances of making it home.  This show is a superbly run event, the aircraft expertly demonstrated.  A must see for any aviation buff.

There was though, a mid-week (or pre-Easter) flying day on the 28th.  Very prescient too as it turned out.  Jim Finer in the Aeroprakt JTA did the honours providing for some, disconcertingly flat tows out towards the mountain.  A sea-breeze front eventually developed and Peter Cook did over the four hours, Tim slightly under and Will Hopkirk not quite an hour having unable to latch onto useful sustained lift. Tim’s flight pitched him past Glyn & Clinton in the local OLC contenders stakes.  Not enough to get him to Nevada but ahead of them anyhow!

Enter Sunday, April 7th.  Saturday 6th would have been better but was not scheduled.  A fresh SE was prevailing but lessened as the day went on.  Three flights, all over the hour.  First was John Tullett with Rodrigo De Arteaga.  Rodrigo was delighted and has produced a YouTube clip of the flight.  His father has had a most interesting flying career so we have a bit to live up to.

Next was Peter Cook with young Sam Tullett then Peter Williams with Dennis Green.
All flights were made working thermals drifting down wind towards Stratford.

Last bit of news is that Glyn Jackson has purchased a Ventus 2a hitherto domiciled in the US of A.  I don’t know when it is due but he has rented a hangar spot for the next season. Looks like the Discus and the Libelle will be given a run for the money, not forgetting the K7 either!!
April Instructor Instructor Tow pilot Remarks
       7th Tullett   McKay  
      13th Sharp     No flying
      14th Sharp   McKay Flying day
      20th Hdw-Smith Jackson    
      21st Hdw-Smith Jackson    
      27th Williams      
      28th Williams      

Jim McKay will be organising the tow pilots and Will Hopkirk is soon to join Glyn Jackson as an instructor under training.

Welcome to Sam Tullett who has joined as a Junior Gliding Pilot.  More to come, we hope

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