July 11th. 2009

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Hooray,Hooray, we flew today. It’s been a long time it seems and the weather relented enough to permit some circuits. A cold and beak day at Stratford with a thickening high overcast and, though calm on the ground, there was an inversion at about 1000ft above which, evidenced by a smoke plume near Hawera, a strong SE wind was blowing.

A working bee in the morning addressed the installation of a new radio for the Blanik. Since I arrived a bit late for that, I don’t know how much progress was made. It was noted that we’ve had the new radio for a year now. We move with commendable alacrity..... compared to glaciers.

Five flights in the afternoon using the Twin Astir and the PW5. Andrew Skene did two circuits and I had a check flight. A circuit for Richard Arden in the PW5, with an exultant whoop of joy from him after an impeccable landing. Steve Barham tried his luck with the power station thermal, which seemed to be working better as we were leaving and the rest of NZ were switching on their heaters. Just before we began flying we received helpful advice from Stratford Sports Fliers members about switching on cabin heaters in the gliders. Thanks chaps.

Wayne Richmond was towing and Peter Williams instructing. Tania arrived to see how Andrew was going and was straightaway impressed into running the wing for three flights. Performed the task with aplomb. We will keep her on!

Stats:                        Aircraft           Time             Flights

                                 WZ                   58m              (3)
                                 TE                    30m              (2)
                                 RWS                 41m              (5)
Peter Miller
Club Captain
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