Recent News. August 30th 2014.

 August 30th 2014:
                                                                                                                                                 Hooray, another flying day was had. No lift in great abundance. In fact there was none to be had at all. Les Sharp said the vario in TE went wild for half a turn but nothing there when he came round on the second turn. Ah well, such is life. Rodrigo De Arteaga and Dennis Green both had several flights each. Will Hopkirk had a check flight in WZ before a flight in TE off the wire. Got the best time of seven minutes for the winch launches. Les did 22minutes in TE but that was from an aero-tow by JTA which just happened to be on the field. Jim Finer had a winch launch to round off his day. And there was a complimentary flight for Gary Hann who had earlier helped us with things electrical. I know his plane whizzes off into the blue yonder but a winch launch gains height quicker than his blue rocket. A parcel arrived from Australia during the week containing a SeeYou Oudie unit.  The sender was Chris Griffin a former instructor and  President of the TGC way back in 1988-90. He and Wendy had moved to Australia and he'd been happily gliding there, mainly with the Horsham Downs Gliding Club. Thermals to 8-10 thousand feet are not uncommon during the November/February period. Enough to make your eyes water, what with having to put up with our rip roaring ascents to 3000 feet. Lift there is off the clock. Lift here, hardly even on the clock. Ask Les Sharp about his flight!  Cross- countries? Just bury the nose and go for it. Oh Glory be!! Thanks for the kind gift, Chris. A kind and thoughtful gesture. The unit already at work in the PW5 on Saturday.  Glyn has installed up to date maps in it and Taranaki turn-points and airstrips too.

Tim & Glyn each had a flight on Tuesday. Launches courtesy of Ralph Gibson and the Hawera Technam. They covered about 86km and 74km respectively. Come to think of it, I don't seem to have a time sheet for that day. This season is a bit slow to get going here but at least we've had more than a week without rain and things are warming up.

Papa Mike.

A photo by by Bruce Moss a few years ago.  Mt Egmont with a coolie hat.
Cloud 2(copy)

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