Recent News. August 18th 2013

Recent News
August 18th 2013
I thought I had a lot of flying (as at 18/8) to write up but there are only three days monopolised by young Sam Tullett who is progressing rapidly along getting to grips with the circuit.  A couple of 3000ft tows for Viv Davy on July 3rd from a Time Sheet that has only recently surfaced.  Three flights for Sam on the 10/8 and two today.  All flights were concentrating on the circuit.  Tim had an hours flight in the Discus and a couple of Trial Flights completed the day.  RWS goes in for its Annuals this week.  Hopefully they are expeditious.
A most enjoyable and informative evening on July 30th at the New Plymouth Air Terminal, saw the QGP students going through the radio curriculum and listening to radio traffic.  We adjourned to the Tower to meet the controller and listen/observe procedures as the last in-coming flights neared the airport then landed.  We saw that
Gliding has its own identity card.  When we advise the Tower of our activities, it is put up on the board and where relevant, Taranaki traffic is advised. And, we were encouraged to request clearance when needed.  Very helpful when we are in a jolly good thermal near Midhirst and it’s a shame to let go all that nice lift!!
We have two new members.  Anirudh Tyagi and Clinton Steele who just recently, took his glider back to Norfolk Road when they got their new towplane up and running.  I had a count-up last night and we have eight student pilots, the best muster in a long while.  If they all arrive on the field at the same time our instructors will be quite unnerved having had quite an easy time of it until now.
Our AGM is going to be around September 10th.  To be confirmed later. Now this not earth shaking news but we’ve just had a good old shake from the latest Seddon shake just after 2.30pm.  Another shake now, at 2.58pm.  Exciting stuff! (This bit written on Friday 16th.)
Now, a word about our flying, especially to the students.  Don’t keep waiting for the “good day”.  In Taranaki they are not that often.  Your training revolves around control of the aircraft and judgement of the circuit and landing.  OK, it is good now and then, to have a longer flight to gain an understanding of what a glider is capable of.  Learning how to do a good accurate turn is especially important and is a task that one can practice at any time.  Have a good look around before you get into it.   Use various angles of bank, change from one direction to another and back again. Keep the nose of the glider on the horizon as you go round and practice looking out for traffic, scanning the sky segment by segment.  This is going to stand you in good stead for the real thing where you then have to learn how to make adjustments to your turn in order to centre into the core of the thermal.  All so very simple!!  Inter-thermal speeds and whether to take, or not to take, the unseen thermal yet to come.  There is a lot to learn as you progress.  See you on the field!!

             This photo taken when Tim & I were on our way home from Lake Ratapiko.  A nice final       
             glide and interesting to note the change in the "feel" of the air as we sank into the under-lying
             sea-breeze coming in from the south.  This was in 2009 I think.

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