October 26th. 2009

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October 26th 2009

It was a good call deciding to fly on Saturday. Though I was hoping for better things and the tephigram said that there were going to good things happening, the good things never materialised. These good things were to have been height gains, extended x-country flying etc. Instead, it looked as though we were going to get rained off with rain to the north and to the east of us and cu building overhead.

First off for a triple of circuits in WZ was James Walker with Tim, starting what was going to be a busy day for Tim. Will Hopkirk had a couple of twenty-minute flights in TE before John Tullett arrived. John launched into a sky that was improving (less like raining) and was away for two hours. Steve Barham commenced more instructor training circuits with Tim. Tim is now an instructor trainer, following the course that he, Steve and Les Sharp attended at Matamata last weekend. Tim may be quite busy looking after one or two others as well. Richard Arden arrived, wheeled out JB, did the DI and took his friend Ian Hill off for a good and special soaring flight. Tim landed about then having treated Will Hopkirk’s brother-in-law Dan, to a promised flight.

By this time, I’d made up my mind to bring the Discus down to the launch point, was towed off by Jim McKay and was soon at 4500ft, soaring the face of a cloud street just to the south of Stratford. Very nice but a bit cold so it was off to Eltham and into the sunshine. Tim treated Ian to a flight to Mangamingi in JTA to round off a memorable day for him and then was soon back in WZ with Steve for what was to be an “I’ve been everywhere man!” flight. Climbed away from a 1000ft launch, over to York Road quarry, Lake Ratapiko, towards Mangamingi and back to Stratford. 85min were the flight-time.

So what looked as though a day rapidly turning to custard, got to be a strawberry and ice cream sort of day and everyone was happy.

                    Stats:            Aircraft            Time                Flights
                                          WZ                   3hrs 34m        (7)
                                          JB                             43m        (1)
                                          TE                     2hrs 37m        (3)
                                          XC                     1hr   34m       (1)
                                         RWS                           57m      (12)
                                                                 Best height 4500ft.

Peter Miller
Club Captain

Richarden & Ian Hill003.jpg

Richard Arden about to take Ian Hill for a flight in the Blanik.

Discus over Eltham 008.jpg

How Eltham looked from the Discus.
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