November 2nd. 2009

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    November 2nd 2009

I think I had a more successful Saturday whacking off lambs’ tails than people may have had flying at Stratford. But I am assured however, that it was a productive day with Andrew Skene pounding the circuit and Richard Arden likewise, though from the backseat, enlivened by a higher tow on one flight and Tim demonstrating some barrel rolls, prompted no doubt by a Youtube sequence forwarded by Steve Barham.
Though the day showed promise (rather, the tephigram did) any thermals that strayed into the path of the glider (JB) were rather difficult to make much of. Les Sharp reports that the solar unit is not, at the moment, providing enough to keep the batteries of RWS fully charged. Some fine-tuning called for.

Stats:                 Aircraft             Time              Flights
                          JB                      1hr 52m        (7)
                          RWS                         45m        (7)

Best height 4000ft. Off tow!!

Peter Miller
Club Captain
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