Recent News. October 19th, 22nd & 25th.

October 19th:   Just four flights for the day. Sled rides for Will Hopkirk and Sam Tullett in TE. John Tullett continues to show how it is done, getting 37m in DN. Steve Barham and Glyn Jackson defied gravity for 28m. Ralph Gibson towing, I think.
                                                                                                                                                      October 22nd:   Six flights and a good day again. Tim was doing BFR;s for anyone who wanted them. (Bi-ennial Flight Reviews). Steve Barham was first, then Les Sharp. Having done that, Les took Allie Smith for her trial flight and she was absolutely delighted. Well rewarded for her patience as we floundered around without a ready towplane. Steve Barham then vanished in TE and was away for 1hr 20m. And he was a happy man, was he not! Then BFR;s for Will Hopkirk and Peter Williams. Ralph Gibson on towing duties. Not long back from a Canadian cruise.

October 25th: Saturday was the best day of the weekend to go gliding. Tim took Peter Cook for an extended check flight. Peter was then encouraged to get aloft in TE and was away for 1hr 20m.  Worked the thermals to 4000ft agl. Peter Williams then shook the dust and cobwebs off his K6E and nailed 1hr 38m. Well done Peter. Meanwhile, Will Hopkirk and Tim took themselves off in WZ for 2hrs 7m. Zipping this way and that, Will gaining valuable experience in using narrow thermals to best advantage- and not losing them in the process. Les Sharp the tow pilot. Glyn Jackson was away at Matamata having a good X-country flight in his Ventus VV and then on Sunday, had a right old thrash along the ridge doing the Matamata Speed Challenge.

Looks like things are picking up activity- wise and on Saturday, November 1st its an ATC day. The Stratford and NP squadrons all on the same day. 8.30am start. Sunday designated as a no-fly rest day! Probably raining so no worries. People will need a rest!

Papa Mike.

Glyn Jackson on tow to the Kaimai Ridge on Sunday.  
Glyn on tow to the Ridge


Recent News
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