July 26th 2009

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One of the nicer and more pleasant days that we’ve had for some time and pilots enjoyed the chance to get out and get aviating. No lift I’m told, though the power station thermal prolonged a flight or two.

We were pleased to welcome back Iain Finer who intends to rejoin the club and begin soaring again where he left off a few years ago. The PW5 brigade is soon going to have some more challengers for their hitherto untrammelled “rights” to “their” aircraft!! Another to re-acquaint himself with things Taranaki was Roy Edwards. ‘The’ Roy Edwards, (not the sometime contest director) now busies himself towing for Tauranga Gliding Club. Buildings, not pine trees are the things to dodge, apparently.

Circuits and spins for Andrew Skene and a couple of flights in the HP14 for Steve Barham helped fill out the day while young Sam Tullett and his friend were treated to flights in the Blanik. Dave Drummond really enjoyed his days work too.

The website as mentioned before is now operational though I gave you the temporary link the other day.

The correct one is:- http://www.glidingtaranaki.com/

Quite a lot of work has gone into it a lot of that is unseen in the item, that is the public face, of the website. Even that last phrase, “public face” is a term new to me.

               Aircraft                 Time                Flights
              JB                          1hr 10m          (7)
             WZ                                 57m         (3)
             TE                                  16m         (1)
            VB                                   41m         (3)
            RWS                         1hr 49m       (14)

Peter Miller
Club Captain

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