Recent News. April 28th 2013

Recent News
April 28th 2013

Eight flights for the day.  An earlier enquiry elicited the information that only three bods were there standing around talking with no aircraft out.  They got going by 1300 hours and found conditions not too bad at all.  Peter Cook in his Libelle had 2hrs 32m, Glyn Jackson in the PW5 did 2hrs 59m and Tim Hardwick-Smith took his Pik 30 for an outing of 1hr 45m.  All the flights very local, topping out at around 3800ft asl.

Two training flights for Viv Davy, one for Dennis Green, a check flight for Steve Barham and Clinton Steele took his son Connor for a flight.  Steve and Dennis seemed to have had the best of these with forty minute flights.

John Frew was at the business end of the rope and Peter Williams enjoying his role as the instructor.  Two hours twenty-seven minutes for WZ.  Good to see the stats.  Important for club finances that we keep things ticking along  I gather that Glyn’s new glider is on the water, through the Suez Canal but yet to get clear of Somalia whose pirates would surely demand an exorbitant ransom for such an exotic machine.  No sweat Glyn!!

                               Glyn Jackson 28(copy)

         This photo by Glyn. Note the glider sharing the thermal at centre left.  

The latest issue of Gliding International has an excellent article about Gavin Wills and his path to his role as a mountain soaring instructor par excellence.  Accompanied by good photos too.  For more info about this magazine email John Roake at

Its a great adjunct to our own SoaringNZ magazine.
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